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When you combine scientifically advanced research, with the barn tested knowledge of two generations, you get a collection of state-of-the-art show products that change an industry like never before. Showcoat Solutions, LLC is a family business rooted in Dothan, a small town in Southeast Alabama, where the summers last for 9 months of the year and winter may only be two days.


For years, the Folger family played and tweaked with different blends they used while preparing for shows or fitting for show day. Two challenges were always a factor: growing hair quickly once the temps began to subside and keeping that hair as long as possible so that on show day, you were ready to enter the ring. As the tech world began to transform our lives, it opened up a plethora of resources for Chad Folger, that began to revolutionize the old family formula. He had kids now of his own and loved helping local families win big with the family calves they sold. With his youngest showing a desire to take up the family hobby, Chad decided it was time to really get serious about finalizing what would give them the competitive edge.


After years of research and testing, the result was SHOWCOAT.


As ShowCoat took the industry by storm, the addition of 15 more products joined the ShowCoat Solutions product line. ShowCoat Dealers across the United States, Canada, & most recently, Australia began to sell the award-winning products to thousands of families just like you. Each product sold by SCS is proudly developed, designed, & manufactured in Southeast Alabama. They contain only the best ingredients the WORLD has to offer in order to maximize optimum results.


We can assure you, IT’S WORTH investing in these products, especially, if you invest the amount of time & effort you do in the barn preparing for show day!


Order yours today at or contact ShowCoat Solutions, LLC to find a trusted dealer in your neck of the woods


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