NOTE: Due to COVID-19 slowing the supply chain around the world, we are unable to restock our 32oz. Terminator bottles. However, will continue to offer a 32oz option at the original price. Orders requesting that size will recieve two-16oz bottles of Terminator instead of one 32oz. until we have restocked. Thank you for your patience during these unusual circumstances. SCS


Using the very best all natural oils & extracts in the world, the TERMINATOR is a 100% chemical free shampoo that not only victoriously eliminates but can prevent lice, fungus, ringworm, mites, & more! Now available in two convenient, easy to use sizes, the TERMINATOR product is ideal for cattle, goats, horse, sheep, & swine. The highly potent, all natural proprietary formula is a bit to strong for human or domestic pet use at this time, but we are working to provide something in the near future.


Proudly created & manufactured by ShowCoat Solutions, LLC, this product has been carefully lab tested and barn tested in the USA. 


SKU: T-16
  • Treatment Application: Dilutions ratio 1 part concentrate/8 parts water. Wet animal, then apply. Brush in & leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse out. 

    Apply three consecutive days in a row, then again seven days & fourteen days after. 

    Preventative Application: Apply once every two weeks or immediately after exposure to potentially contagious environments where animals may be grouped together, such as shows or events.