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Fusion is a concentrated blend of 100% natural essential actives carefully fused with a new revolutionary hydrating conditioner, creating a balanced forumla that strengthens & maintains a richer healthier hide & coat. 

Light weight, deep penetrating, enhancing shine, Fusion contains NO DYES and no silicones. Fusion nourishes, heals, & hydrates.


Presale orders will begin on 12/20/19 and be shipped after teh Christmas holidays on 12/31/19. 


Directions for Use:

*Shake well & spray on. 

*Comb, Brush in, & Allow FUSION to dry. DO NOT BLOW OUT.

*Once dry, blow & work hair. 

*Apply daily on dry/damp hair. 

*Requires no washing out. LEAVE IN FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS


FUSION is perfect for dyer, less humid climates.

If a cooler is used, apply FUSION when you place the animal in the cooler. This will combat the dehumidifying that tents to occur. 



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