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DressCoat is a leave in deep conditioner that adds amazing richness, definition, and strength to the hair. It is a moisterizer and protein treatment used to apply while brushing or when working the hair with the blower. The hair strand will gain length without breaking off or creating split ends. Best used with the ShowCoat System daily which consists of our ShowCoat, DressCoat, & Volumax products. All offered in quart, gallon, and case sizes. Case consists of 4 gallons. 


SKU: 2200
  • DressCoat can be sprayed on daily or after each rinse. Easy to comb with unmatched results. A fantastic leave in moisturizer. Shake well and spray on. If a cooler is used, apply DressCoat when you place the animal in the cooler. This will combat the dehumidifying that tends to occur. 

  • Non-Refundable

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